What Is A Property Option

How Does The Process Work?

what is a property optionThe Property Block has a full-time team of experienced staff that spend their days using our property identification software to find houses, gardens, and land that are suitable for redevelopment into multiple homes.

When we have identified property that is suitable for redevelopment, we sent a personal letter and a brochure in one of our signature green envelopes to the property owner asking if they would be interested in a redevelopment project.

Once a property owner has replied to us to tell us that they are interested in proceeding, we do a more detailed assessment on the property and go back to the property owner with a financial proposal.

After agreeing a financial deal an option agreement is signed by both parties and The Property Block applies for planning permission to develop your property. All costs are paid for by us.

Once planning permission is granted The Property Block will pay you for your property in full, and either develop the property, or sell the property with planning permission to a third party developer.

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