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Equality Policy


What do we believe?

Here at The Property Block, we have a mission statement to make the world a better place.

As a company we are not only helping to create affordable housing with a focus on saving our country’s green belt. We also believe in compassion when it comes to our employment policy.

Being an equal opportunities employer is not enough. We strive to go that extra mile when it comes to making sure we can see the potential in all applicants.

At The Property Block we do not discriminate concerning race, religion, gender, sexual activity, or disability. We also aspire to provide job opportunities for those who live in difficult circumstances.

We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for people from impoverished backgrounds. We support any application from ex-offenders who are looking for a second chance at leading a responsible life.

We actively encourage applications for employment from ex armed forces members trying to settle into civilian life by providing life-changing support, jobs, and training opportunities. We also work with other organisations, who like us value the unique qualities and abilities of all those who have served.

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