What Is A Property Option

Develop Your Garden

develop your gardenIf you are interested in developing on your garden or land, why not let property development experts do it for you?

The Property Block are planning permission specialists that will be able to assess the development potential of  your land and create the most efficient plan that will earn the most amount of money for you.

  1. No cost to you. The Property Block will pay all legal, planning, and architecture costs to get planning permission for your development.
  2. Risk free. Either The Property Block will be successful with it’s planning application (over 80% of the time on average) and you’ll make a lot of money, or the application will be unsuccessful and you will have lost nothing.
  3. Maximum uplift in value. We have decades of experience in planning so will be able to create a development with the maximum possible value.

So why not let experts in the field have a look at your garden or land and see if they can generate a large amount of money for you?

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