Who Are The Property Block

The Property Block management are a collection of successful experienced professionals from building, business, and financial sectors who have come together to solve the housing crises in the south of England.

The housing issue in the south is a simple one. There are not enough homes to meet demand, and there is no space to build any homes more without building on protected green belt land.

The only viable solution is to redevelop what has already been built. To find existing properties that are built in an inefficient manner, and use the space more efficiently.

But finding those building opportunities is the issue that all property developers face, so The Property Block set out to find a way to streamline the process.

Solving The Search Dilemma

In the past, many property developers would drive around looking out of their car windows at houses to see if any looked like they could be redeveloped. In fact, most property developers still do.

They may get lucky and find development opportunities this way, but the method is inefficient and time consuming, and with the number of development opportunities shrinking by the day, it's quite often a total waste of time.

The Property Block team knew that they wouldn't be able to make a dent in the housing deficit this way, so they decided to let computers do the work for them.

The Property Block's Technology

Rather than using old fashioned, time consuming, and frankly outdated methods of finding property development opportunities, The Property Block uses exclusive technology that scans satellite maps and identifies houses with potential for development.

The technology doesn't only identify, for example, a plot of land with two houses on it that, if developed more efficiently could instead have four houses, or eight to twelve apartments. It also understands local planning protocol so ofers a percentage indication of whether planning permission for any new proposed development will be granted.

This of course means that The Property Block team spend less time looking for development opportunities, and more time putting them into action.

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